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Holiday Markets... you've got one more chance!!!

We sure have been busy this holiday season with all the shows where we've been selling our products.  It has been so much fun to get out to talk to people and watch them sample the products for the first time... all of the creams  melt on their skin like butter and leave a wonderful velvety finish that people love.  And then there is the lip repair that people fall in love with as soon as it hits their lips.  The response to our products has been fantastic!  At a couple of the shows we were able to offer free hand massages which were incredibly popular as you can imagine.  Are you hosting a home shopping party of some sort?  Consider inviting us to offer free hand massages to your guests, they'll thank you for it!

So far this season we have been at the following shows...

  • Yoga and Wellness Show
  • Whole Life Expo
  • Tranzac Holiday Gift Fair
  • The Northern Starr Holiday Market
  • Toronto Art Crawl Christmas Market
  • Toronto Botanical Gardens Holiday Market
  • Santa in the Village
  • The Holiday MRKT
  • Southbrook Christmas Bazaar
  • Feel Good Women's Holiday Show
  • Holy Name Christmas Bazaar

Wow we have indeed been busy... so much fun!  We have one more show on Saturday December 15th, the Tranzac Holiday Gift Fair!  Come check us out and pick up some great Christmas presents at 292 Brunswick Ave. in Toronto. Hope to see you there!

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